Good Days & Bad Days

Here we are again thinking about bikes and biking and all that that entails and here am I with two stories that will make you respond positively and negatively.

The first is that after nine months of owning my beloved CBF600SA, I decided to opt for spending a bit more cash and getting the CBF1000 and boy was it a day to remember coming down from Tom Conway Bikes in Durham on that beast. I traded the 600 and got 2k for her which is not too shabby at all, even though I had added so much onto her. She simply was not strong enough to take a fat, balding 22 stoner like me and then a pillion rider in the diminutive stature of the Mrs.


So I traded and went here, there and everywhere on the thing, until last week. Last Wednesday, at 7-30am in the morning two burly coppers ended up on my door. They woke me from my slumber to tell me that my CBF1000 had been pinched and left wedged into a hedge on a playing field adjacent to an area of the town where I live which contains all the dross and the nutters of the area. Even the coppers said “it will be the pikies off the estate” when asked.

There was some damage and the photos below the next one show it. Fairing trouble, steering lock snapped and weirdly, the ignition loom cut. Stupid bastards thought they could hotwire a HISS system protected bike.


This was the day I picked up The Beast from Durham, a very happy day indeed. But that turned to sadness and now, I am bikeless. When the Police came, they showed me the damage.


I have never been great at receiving such news and needed some sweet tea to get over this one, ending up having a panic attack a few hours after they had gone. But I decided it is time to beef up the chains and locks. There was no way I could get an Oxford Boss that day. I can get them for £30 on ebay and did think of that too, but in the interim, went and got two sets of heavy duty chains and two of the thickest padlocks I could find. I then added them to the bike thinking “Nick it now you bastards!” The ground anchor I had was a sodding telegraph pole!

Guess, what? They did, three days later, on Saturday morning, between the hours of 1245am and 0215am. That will teach me for tempting fate eh? I know this to be the case with the timings because I went to sleep at that time and woke up at 0215am needing to pay a visit and when I looked through the window, I saw the lack of a bike. I live in a beautiful town, a market town in North Yorkshire. It is for the most part, idyllic, but now, I am bikeless and bereft. For a good few days I wanted to do one thing and one thing only, move! As far away as possible from this melee. I am still of the same disposition now.

The bike I loved had gone.


The closest thing to my old GSX1400 that I could get because I cannot afford the GSX1400, is no more, probably in some twonk’s garage and the cops are doing sod all about it. Frustrating is not the word! Yes, they gave me an incident number but what else can they do unless someone names the culprit.

So I wrote to the local newspaper, the Northern Echo and told them. I wrote the report, for the most part, in the body of the email. I thought sod this, I have to do something about it. I need to get it back, get it even more secured and stick my fingers up at the thieves.

I even went driving round the town and the local villages, in the vain hope that I could bump into [literally] the idiot who took it. If I had and if I do one day, then unless they are wearing Police uniform, they are getting knocked off and run over, on purpose. Shit on me and I will give it back tenfold.

So now, I have a huge dilemma. I have to keep going. I have to keep on two wheels, but how can I do it now that the arsewipes have struck twice within three days? It is no longer safe here and the insurer has hinted at someone coming out if I buy another to ascertain how safe this place is. The thought of it is doing my head in. Move and rent a house with a garage is an option but we do like it where we are and that would piss my wife off no end. Forget buying a bike? Not an option. As soon as the insurance have paid out I am down the bike shop for a new one [to me]. I will not be beaten by these idiots. God knows what my insurance will be next time but I am not being scared off by some Yokel who is as brainless as they come. I have seen them on that estate. Jesus, but they make Dillon out of the Fenn Street Gang look like Stephen Hawking!

They can all go fly a kite, for all I care but they’re not having another one of my bikes.

My options, at the moment, are a Suzuki Bandit 1250 Faired which I have seen. It is a 2005 bike though for the same money but a true muscle bike and a Beast of bigger proportions than the CBF. Perhaps, if I get one so bastard heavy, they will think twice. BMW then, is another option.


Or perhaps something else like a Deauville. I saw an old one, which the idiots may look at and think no thanks to, like the one I used to have, in the old 650 version on an S plate for 975 quid so that is an option plus a train ride and 3 hours of fun coming home.

The other thing I have seen is this. And boy, does it tantalise my sensibilities.


It is a case of to be, or not to be, mine? That is the question. My nephew, a biker himself, says “go for it Uncle Rob.” I am not totally convinced the riding position would suffice and the good old Bandit would suit this cripple better than something leaning further forward. A friend suggested doing what he did and moving to the VFR800. His is a lovely bike but again, I am not sure as yet and have not seen one that has blown my skirts up enough to think yep, that’s definitely me.

Then again, there is the option of buying back my CBF600. I do miss the old girl and I do know the bike well. But I sold her because I needed something that can take pillion plus me and that is why, I think, it is so hard to decide at this moment. The insurance are due to pay out soon, very soon and I have the dilemma of parking the thing, whatever I get.

Someone suggested one of these. They cost £60 a month to rent on a secure site. You plonk your bike in, plus all your gear, drive up to it from home in the car and then go biking. When done, you come back to the unit and put it all away till the next time.


Only time will tell what I shall do next!

Happy biking but be careful out there folks. I had mine chained and padlocked with two heavy duty chains and then a disc lock on the front and they went through those like a knife through butter, with bolt cutters. Next time, if there is a next time, there will be no chance of anyone nicking my bike ever again. I simply refuse to buy one until I can guarantee that level of safety.



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